Camping VR - virtual showroom for camping tents demonstration

Do you know how to show an unlimited number of products in a limited area? So we found a solution in our new project for the French sporting goods retail Decathlon in Bulgaria!



The Camping VR virtual showroom has been designed specifically for the compact presentation of tents in the Bulgarian Decathlon chain of stores. With the help of this tool, it became possible to show the real dimensions and configuration of the product on the area of ​​2×2 and with minimal usage of human resources, which is today one of the most important tasks of optimizing business processes.


UnrealEngine 4
3ds max
Quixel Megascans
HTC Vive Pro

We selected the necessary equipment and PC configuration and provided remote advice on installing and configuring equipment for the VR zone. 



As a result of cooperation with Decathlon, an interactive solution was developed for the demonstration of the client’s products. Potential buyers can evaluate the product in the natural environment of usage, and the business, in turn, can display an unlimited amount of the product in a limited area. This tool is especially relevant these days for any type of business (especially for furniture salons;), since due to economic circumstances, additional space is expensive and requires regular investments, but the virtual one, in turn, is created for years, requires one-time costs and improves the image of your business in terms of an innovative approach to interacting with your customers.


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