3D configurator Growix Drum

Growix Drum is a modern technology for accelerated crop growing. Rotating the Growix drum reduces plant growth time by 36% and increases yields. The drum rotates at a certain speed and repeats the rotation of the planet around its axis, which allows you to achieve the desired result.

3D Tour
duration 1 month
Blender, Cinema 4D


During the negotiations with the client, it was made a common decision that Growix Drum would be best displayed on the web. Therefore, we chose the path of creating a WebGL presentation. The Babylon.js engine was used as a toolkit in the development process. The 3D model of the drum itself was created in Blender, and the animations in Cinema 4D. It is worth to say that we were able to significantly optimize the model and reduce its size to 3 megabytes.


As a result we created a full-fledged Web-presentation with interactive hotspots, an animated technological process of growing plants and an optimized 3D model of the drum itself, which is used to demonstrate equipment on the manufacturer’s landing page.

3D configurator
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