3D rendering for townhouses on the suburbs of Sydney

3DTour received a request from Australian clients to develop a solution that would help display the interior and exterior of future townhouses in the suburbs of Sydney.



Our task was to create a series of realistic 3D renders of real estate objects in the suburbs of Sydney.

DURATION 2 weeks
3ds max
Corona render
Aerial shooting
Digital and printing advertising materials


At first, another team was working on this project before us, but the client was not satisfied with the result, therefore, at the initial stages of work, the client had a lot of doubts about our work too. But, fortunately, when the first results appeared, all doubts were dispelled and communication improved.

Another feature of the project was the complexity associated with the fact that we received conflicting references on the style of the renderings. We had to apply deductive methods :), but we untangled this chain and created what the client needed.

Work on the project began with aerial shooting, which was developed by the client’s contractors.

We created a bird’s-eye view of the seamless integration of a 3D model of townhouses that allows showing the scale of future buildings, their location relative to each other, and the environment. And detailed 3D visualizations will help to take a closer look at the houses themselves, their interiors, and exteriors.

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