VR application with a virtual manager for the apartment interior demonstration

Virtual tours based on VR technologies are becoming a more and more popular way to demonstrate apartment interiors. That makes sense, as this is a great tool to show an object that has not yet been built, to give the user a feel for space and immerse into the atmosphere.


Change of lighting

users can choose 4 lighting options: morning, day, evening, and night and see, how their future apartment will look like in each of them. In this case, the view from the window will also change. To make this happen we use one of the 4 pre-shot aerial panoramas)

Change of floor and wall materials

users can choose which they like best out of 4 options for the floor and walls. There are not only the materials themselves but also their detailed description, up to a specific tile model and information about the manufacturer.

Change of furniture

3 variants of a set of different styles and also with a detailed description are available to the user to choose from.

3D layouts and navigation

One of the requirements for the application was fast access to the 3D planning of the apartment, in order to give users the opportunity to evaluate the space of the apartment in different “dimensions”. We have supplemented the app functionality with the ability to view the planning in an interactive format. When the controller button is pressed, a plan of apartments with a character in the center of the space appears in front of users. The layout changes its perspective and shifts in relation to the location of the character.

Unreal Engine 4
3Ds max
360 panoramas
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