A complex virtual tour for “APK-Invest”, one of the largest agricultural complexes of Ukraine.

Within the framework of the project, 3DTOUR created air-views, 3D terrestrial panoramas, video-clips and a user-friendly corporate-style web interface for the presentation of the tour.

3D Tour


Our objective was to prepare visual content for the presentation of the largest agro-industrial complexes’ production. It covers a significant territory of the Dnipropetrovsk region, almost 30 thousand square meters.


5 months

Panoramic shooting
Aerial shooting
Video shooting
Krpano, JS
Adobe After Effect


First of all, we shot several 3D panoramas and video material simultaneously to display various production processes. The locations of the complex are quite scattered, that’s why collecting material was a lengthy process.


Instead of a familiar Google map, for this virtual tour, we decided to use a drawn map and add an interactive component.

For navigation between panoramas, we developed a system for switching to any of them in one click: a convenient drop-down menu, as well as arrows for the “Next”, “Back” for panoramas in one location.
In addition, almost every panorama is accompanied by an info block with a brief description of it.

Some of the panoramas have built-in video fragments in them: the mechanisms come to life right inside the panorama, the staff start working, and we can observe what processes and take place on the production.



3DTOUR team created a virtual tour of the agro-industrial complex, focusing on key facilities and production locations. This project is now located on the website of APK-Invest and is also used to present production at various exhibitions and conferences.

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