View from a window of an unbuilt «INTERGAL CITY» residential complex

We created views from the windows on different levels of the unbuilt building in the daytime and at night.

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Views from the windows of the object at the construction stage are among the most important visual products for real estate sales: it helps potential buyers make an informed choice of an apartment, appreciate the view and even figure out where the sunny side will be.

«INTERGAL CITY» is a business class residential complex from Intergal-Bud construction company. It distinguishes itself with unique architecture, bold usage of white for facades, and such interesting solutions as air bridges, that connect the cascading green terraces with lounge zones.


1 week

Panoramic shooting
Aerial shooting

So, first of all, we did aerial shooting at different levels of the building during the day and night time. Then we’ve integrated these materials into 3D panoramas and were all set for the final part.

At first glance, nothing complicated, and yet, to achieve a high-quality result, we had to take into consideration a number of technological features and nuances:

  • we picked very carefully the time of day for shooting;
  • we used the highest quality aerial photography equipment;
  • we established the post processing workflow.

Thus, we quickly and efficiently provided the client with a product that you can familiarize yourself with below.

«INTERGAL CITY», аэросъемка, виды из окон
«INTERGAL CITY», аэросъемка, виды из окон

Ukraine, Kyiv
Novopecherskiy Lane, 7

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