“DECATHLON AR UNDERWATER” - AR-application in augmented reality for the French sports goods retailer Decathlon

During the project, we had to create an interactive entertainment solution for the opening of a new store in Odesa, Ukraine. Since the city is located by the sea, we decided to develop an augmented reality application dedicated to the underwater world.



Decathlon is the largest sporting goods retailer with a presence in 49 countries. Earlier, we have already implemented a project as part of the opening of the second store in Kyiv (VR mini-game “Skiing from Mont Blanc” and VR mini-game Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef
), this time the Decathlon marketing team contacted us with a request to create an interactive solution for launching in Odesa.


When creating the application, we tried to make the functionality intuitive so that visitors would not spend a lot of time installing and launching it. We have developed a virtual underwater world with animated characters (in the form of fish, sharks, etc.). In addition, we took care of navigation and visual cues, which made it easier for users to interact with the application. The augmented reality app was developed in Unity3D for Android and IOs mobile platforms.

DURATION 1 month
3Ds Max

The user aims the phone at the banner and the image of the store in his phone is complemented by elements of the underwater world, the sea landscape, fish and plants, boats, and even SUP boards with the Decathlon logos float over his head. It should be noted that the banner marker is used only to determine the starting point: when the user takes several steps forward, the application recognizes the horizontal floor surface and then works using markerless technology.

In the future, it is planned to expand the functionality of the application and integrate it with the Decathlon customers loyalty system.

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