VR-game for JSC «Farmak» first pharmaceutical mobile museum "Science inside".

JSC «Farmak» Ukrainian manufacturer of medicines to European standards. Product quality and innovations has made Farmak a leader of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market and the largest exporter of medicinal products since 2010.

Unreal Engine 4
3Ds Max
HTC Vive Pro
HTC Cosmos Elite

Features of the project

We were faced with the task of realizing the complex pharmaceutical process of creating a drug “Amizon” and, in a playful way, helping customers to better understand how drug production works generally.


The VR game helps to familiarise the production process of drugs at all stages, thanks to which customers and partners have an understanding of the production capabilities.
In addition, such gamification is a good instrument for a starting stage at the onboarding process and remote education for new employees.

Users can go through the entire process of creating a medical product and feel like a pharmacist. It shows the processes of drug invention, creation of a formula, testing, drying, packing, etc.

As a result we developed a product for VR zone at the “Farmak” first pharmaceutical mobile museum “Science inside”  where visitors have an opportunity to familiarise with VR technologies and understand how pharmaceutical production is designed inside, that also increases brand awareness and community confidence.

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