Virtual tour, 3D floor plans and renders for "Park Lake City" residential complex

“Park Lake City” is a club country house with well-developed infrastructure from a construction company DIM. Within the framework of the project, we developed a complex visual solution to present interiors: 3D tours, 3D floor plans, and photorealistic renders.

3D Tour

3D floor plans

We worked out 3D floor plans in detail and focused on lighting: both artificial and soft natural light, that сomes through the windows.

Visualization of interiors

Visualization of interiors and creation of renders for this project was not a big deal, since we already had a readymade 3D scene. However, such tasks still require artistic taste and accuracy when setting up the camera, lighting, and further post-production.

3D tours

Speaking of 3D tours of apartments, our team created them using the Everpano software. It allows users to immerse themselves in 360 content like never before, feel the volume of space, and realistic three-dimensional transitions.

By the way, such tours can be easily used in VR mode, for example with the Oculus Quest headset.

3D tours in this project are mixed: panoramas are combined with real 3D space, which helps to achieve the effect of smooth 3D transitions between panoramas.

3Ds Max
Corona Render
Print production


For the “Park Lake City” residential complex, our team created 3D tours, 3D plannings, and high quality renders to present apartments interiors. Due to working with Everpano software, we managed to achieve realism and volume in the perception of space, created the effect of 3D transitions between panoramas. All these features take these types of content to a whole new level and improve user experience. These visual materials are actively used in our client’s marketing campaigns and sales.

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