360 flyover and interior panoramas for the new Mitsubishi Motors cars product range

Car presentations are grandiose and impressive. Offline presentations. But how can one transfer this atmosphere online, making car presentations fun and interactive? We were looking for an answer to this question together with Mitsubishi Motors.

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In search of an effective solution for the presentation of a new model range of Mitsubishi Motors cars, we conducted research with the client, taking into account the specifics of the audience, budget, and terms. As a result, we settled on website interactive widgets with gamification elements.

Panoramic shooting
Krpano, JS


For the widgets, our team did a shoot with a wide dynamic range to maximize the quality of the photographic material. In total, we shot 10 elements. Also, we have developed and integrated a custom engine for viewing spherical panoramas into the Mitsubishi Motors website.


In order to reduce the loading time of the widget and at the same time keep the maximum quality of the photo material, we used an approach that is based on key frames, where the main frames are of the highest quality, and the intermediate frames are of the minimum.

We have developed a system of multi-level hotspots that reveal the features of an object as the user gets acquainted with it. So, when you click on the hotspot on the car, the next one inside the trunk opens, and so on. This interactive element contributes to the detailed acquaintance of the user with the new car and creates the effect of presence, which ordinary photos usually lack.

In order to focus on certain technical features of the car, we shot some elements separately and presented them in the form of simple animations — whether it is an opening door, a lifting hood or trunk lid, etc.

We have added pop-up information windows with a short description of certain features, as well as gamification elements — the user is offered to find all active elements and hotspots. These solutions make widgets informative and interactive.

For the presentation of the new Mitsubishi Motors cars product range, we have created several interactive widgets that include 360° flyovers and panoramas of the car interior. We also developed and integrated a custom player for their proper presentation.

To show the technical features of the new models, we have developed a system of multi-level hotspots and animations. In addition, we paid special attention to the post-production of flyovers and interior panoramas, making them as detailed as possible.

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