Virtual tour, VR application, corporate videos for the pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa"

Darnitsa is a well-known Ukrainian company, one of the leaders in pharmaceutical production in Ukraine.

3D Tour


As part of the project, we created a virtual tour and shot a series of videos about individual workshops for a full presentation of the production environment, including the territory, departments, and the process of manufacturing drugs.

Panoramic shooting
Aerial shooting
Video shooting
Krpano, JS
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effect
Android app
Samsung Gear VR

Features of the project

We have created a multilingual (Ukrainian, English, French) virtual tour with voice-over for production based on aerial and 3D panoramas. The web version of the tour is made in the corporate style of the company, and the convenient menu and navigation allows the user to move in one click to any room. Also, each location is supplemented with text help with a short description of the production stage.

To represent the production process, along with the panoramas, we shot them into the final product. So, on many production lines, how components are included, how components are mixed, bottles are filled with drugs, packages are sealed, and equipment is operated in warehouses.


The virtual tour and video materials depict the production process at all its stages, thanks to which customers, partners and new employees have a full understanding of the production capabilities of Darnitsa. In addition, the visual material clearly shows the compliance of the production with GMP standards and gives an insight into the operation of the restricted-access shops.

Within the framework of the project, 7 corporate films were created, about almost all stages of pharmaceutical production. And to demonstrate production in virtual reality, we also created an Android app for Samsung Gear VR.

Embedded and pop-up videos on the tour, as well as infomarkers, help to focus on various details of the production process:

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